Romney wins nomination with Texas vote

He locked up the nomination and hopefully that news will overshadow a shouting match between Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump.  I am not sure why Blitzer picked at that scab, but it did get the lefties all wee weed up.  The real new is that Romney is now the GOP nominee because he won Texas.

The Texas senate race shows Dewhurst with a strong lead as expected, with about 20 percent of the vote counted Ted Cruz is going to come in second, but the real question is whether he and the other candidates can deny Dewhurst 50 percent.  As of the time of this post Dewhurst was getting 47 percent.  I did not see a breakdown on where the votes were still outstanding.  They may just reflect vote totals for those who voted in early as I did on Friday.

Update:  The Dallas Morning News projects a July 31 runoff between Cruz and Dewhurst.  It will be a race decided by which side can get its voters to take the trouble to show up again.  I still think Cruz has a shot.


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