SEIU dues add little value to Houston janitors

Houston Chronicle:
Six years ago organized labor celebrated a major victory when the Service Employees International Union won the right to represent 5,300 janitors who cleaned big office buildings in Houston.
The union promised to raise wages, boost work hours and improve working conditions for the part-time, low-wage and largely immigrant workforce.
But in the contracts the janitors and building owners have negotiated since that big organizing win, wages for many janitors still hover near the federal minimum wage.
Janitors in Houston continue to earn far less than their union counterparts in other cities, and many still have just four hours of work a night, the same as before the union came on the scene. They're hoping to raise their wage and increase their hours in negotiating a new contract to replace the existing one, which expires Thursday.
After paying dues these people are probably better off without the union.  SEIU is a notorious left wing organization that has a political agenda that seems to be more important to the group than their members.  Texas is a right to work state and these janitors should ditch the union and and dues.

Unions many times lie to get people to sign up with them.  That is one reason they are pushing for ambush elections to give less time to counter their lies.  The NLRB usually sides with the labor bosses over the workers and they are no help when fraud is used to induce people to pay union dues.


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