New York lost more people than East Germany in Cold War

New York thinks of itself as the place to be, but its high taxes have made it a place to flee. Those who have escaped the Empire State tax man could fill a major city.
From 1949 to 1961, more than 2.6 million of East Germany's 17 million population escaped to West Berlin or West Germany, a hemorrhage of humanity that led the Communists to construct the infamous Berlin Wall in 1961.
The state of New York, with about 19.5 million people, has no known plans to erect concrete barriers or barbed wire fences. But from 2000 to 2010 it suffered an exodus of some 3.4 million New Yorkers — nearly a million more people than in Germany's post-war experience and more than that of any other state.
And the outflow hasn't stopped. The income loss for the state is $45.6 billion, the Tax Foundation says.
Granted, it's not just one-way traffic. New York has plenty of immigration from abroad; its more than 4 million foreign-born residents give it the second-biggest immigrant population in America.
So net outward migration is about 1.3 million.
Most New York refugees are in sunny, zero-income-tax Florida. The Sunshine State, along with its rays, offer big relief from New York's state tax on income, which starts at almost 6.5% and reaches nearly 9% for the overly successful.
On top of that are high sales taxes that approach 9% in New York City, but 7% in some other areas.
Then there are the estate taxes on top of that which encourage older people to leave.   New York has managed to send both its old and young to more tax friendly states like Florida and Texas.  Then there is the high cost of real estate which rent controls have encouraged.  To get an idea, try watching Selling New York on HGTV sometime.  Middle income citizens will have a higher standard of living for less in places like Houston or elsewhere in Texas.

Meanwhile a shrinking population base is having to pay for high priced pensions of retiring workers, and teh unemployment numbers are masked by the outward migration.


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