Bain vs. Solyndra

Jennifer Rubin:
The Obama team seems determined to go unprepared and perform unimpressively on topics that obviously were going to come their way. Yesterday, to the delight of the Romney crew, there was Jay Carneyattempt to explain why Bain is different from Solyndra:
That’s sad — not to mention entirely unintelligible.
Let’s see if we can help out Carney.
Bain was successful. Solyndra was not.
Bain used money from voluntary investors who were at risk for losses. Solyndra shifted the risk from the private sector to the taxpayers.
Bain had expertise in selecting winners and in investing wisely. Obama’s political appointees did not.
Bain didn’t give “friends and family” a better deal than strangers. Solyndra and the Energy Department sure did.
The attacks on Bain continue to backfire on the administration.  These guys would be wise to pivot to the economy and jobs, but that has not been a winning issue for them either, so they continue with their campaign of distractions from the issues voters care about.


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