Energy deceit

NY Times Editorial:
Cleaner Energy
There is progress in renewable energy, but there would be more if Congressional Republicans got out of the way.
Republicans are not blocking clean energy.  Anyone who wants to can go into the business.  The problem with it is that it is noncompetitive and  Democrats want to subsidize it and to strangle the market for conventional energy to make so called green energy look more competitive. The reason "clean energy" is not competitive is that it is inefficient and inconsistent in delivering energy requiring backup systems using natural gas.  The utilities and the consumers are better off just going with the natural gas to begin with.

The Times has been trying to scare people with bogus stories about the "dangers" of fracking in hopes of stopping the shale gas revolution.  The anti energy left is still trying to block drilling in New York with ludicrous claims that fracking contaminates ground water.  There is no real evidence to support these claims.

Democrats need to get out of the way of the domestic production of oil and gas.  They should drop their objections to ANWR and to offshore drilling as well as drilling in the Western US on federal controlled sites.  Their attempts to manipulate the market for energy because of their carbon phobia has made us poorer, has reduced revenue to the treasury and has killed real jobs.  There is an energy resurgence in this country, but it is taking place on private land outside the control of the anti energy left.


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