Poland unhappy with Obama 'smart diplomacy'

...Former Foreign Minister Adam Rotfeld, a Polish Jew, stood in at the White House celebration. The Walesa episode was fading into memory when President Obama made his opening remarks. Karski was "smuggled into . . . a Polish death camp to see for himself," he read off the teleprompter, that Jews were being murdered. On second reference, Mr. Obama noted it was a Nazi camp. Too late. The damage was done. 
"Gafa Obamy," declared Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland's leading daily newspaper, in a story about "Obama's gaffe" on its website. The linguistic faux pas went viral. In another day this would have been ridiculed as a "Bushism," before we got a president with a Harvard Law degree who claimed to practice "smart diplomacy." 
Poles are prickly about World War II. When their nation was stuck behind the Iron Curtain for four decades, they couldn't defend themselves against charges of complicity in the mass murder of Jews. Yet unlike Vichy France, the Poles didn't collaborate with the Nazis in running the country, much less in the Holocaust. The Polish underground tried to help Jews during the war, smuggling arms into the Warsaw Ghetto during the 1943 uprising. Christian Poles sheltered thousands of Jewish children and faced certain death if found by the Nazis....
The Poles were also responsible for key breakthroughs in unraveling the German Ultra code machine.  there world allowed the British and the US to read all German secret messages during the war.  The people who did the work did so without the benefit of computers.

I think the Poles have been mistreated by Obama with his decision on missile defense after they had stuck their necks out to back the program.  If Obama read the "Polish death camp" statement from this teleprompter, it is more than just a gaffe, it is rank incompetence.


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