Dems defense sequester to create absurdities

Washington Times:
The Pentagon’s No. 2 official said Wednesday that automatic spending cuts set to being in January would create “absurdities” and devastate the defense industries that support the troops.
“Sequester would have devastating effects on our readiness and our workforce, and disrupt thousands of contracts and programs,” Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said at the American Enterprise Institute.
The automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, would require an additional $600 billion reduction in defense spending over the next 10 years if Congress does not reach a deal on the budget.
“Our military and civilian program managers would face absurdities that result from the arbitrariness with which sequestration would take effect,”Mr. Carter said. “We remind you that the quality of the weapons systems produced by our defense industry is second only to the quality of our people in uniform and what makes our military the greatest in the world.”
Sequestration was an irrational act by Congress to force itself to reach agreements it has previously failed to make.  If that was the plan, to date it has been a spectacular failure.  Greedy Democrats are too desperate to raise taxes to agree to reasonable slowing in the rate of spending.  They still have the steering wheel pointed right over the fiscal cliff.


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