Holder insults minority voters


Attorney general: minority voting rights threatened

That is just not the case.  I live among minority voters and see them at the polls when I vote.  There is not a one of them that would be denied access to a ballot because of a voter ID law.  None.  First, they all probably already have ID's.  You need them for more day to day activities than just voting.  but if you do not have an ID you get a provisional ballot and you can still go get an ID.

What you can't do is pretend that you are someone else.  There are several ways Democrats have attempted to steal elections and many of them would be thwarted by voter ID laws.  That is what scares Democrat politicians.   In some jurisdictions Republicans need a winning margin of three percent or more to overcome the fraud.

I do not know any minority voter who does not have an ID or cannot get one and the media should not let Holder try to fool people into thinking otherwise.


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