Where is Obama administration and FEMA for Kentucky ice storm?


When a million people in flyover country are suffering, and 42 people have died, we don’t hear much about it. If this was New York, Washington, Boston, (or if the president had an R after his name) you’d see non-stop reports, and the press would be roundly criticizing FEMA’s absence, and the White House’s disregard. Right?

There is more and she has a good point.

Democrats are just so much better at mad dogging and issue and generating a media feeding frenzy. That is especially true if they are trying to cover for an incompetent Democrat governor, but wait didn't the Democrats take the Kentucky Governor's mansion? It looks like the real key is that there is a Democrat in the White House which cures all ills allegedly.


  1. 1) The goveernment is really, truly, out of money? And Red China won't "Lend" us any more, as they think they've already destroyed our economy with WALMART$?
    2)Blarack is BLACK, and if I'm not mistaken, that's a mostly white part of the country? (He'd love a race war)
    3) The world is way too over-populated, the writing on the wall has to do with the return of self-reliance, and yet if you're going to get started with population reduction, why not the racially-incorrect? Of course War is historically popular as a means, too.


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