They must be looking for AlGore

Jules Crittenden:

As Arctic gulls not seen in Massachusetts since the 1800s delight birders in Plymouth:

Ivory gulls normally stay well above Newfoundland, living on Artic ice where they follow whales and polar bears to feed on the scraps and carcasses they leave behind after making a kill.

Sheesh. I hope that doesn’t mean polar bears are moving in. Plymouth is just 10 miles away, and my house is on the main Arctic migration route. Better keep the kids in. Especially with the record cold and heavy snowfalls we’ve been having.


Most of the anecdotal evidence is running against the globo warmers these days, but they seem secure in their delusion that it is warmer than you think. AlGore braved a frigid Washington to do a rerun of his Oscar act. I don't find him or John Kerry persuasive. They are both politicians who want to use the fear of global warming to push their control freak agenda.


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