Hamas breaks ceasefire to greet Obama peace envoy

Washington Post:

Palestinian fighters detonated a bomb near the fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, killing an Israeli soldier, the Israeli military said. Israeli gunfire later killed a Palestinian farmer, according to Gaza medical officials, and Israeli officials claimed to have killed the planner of the bomb attack in an airstrike.

The attacks marked the worst outbreak of violence since Israel and Hamas pledged to hold their fire more than a week ago, after 22 days of war. Although there was no indication that either side planned to resume full-scale hostilities, the killings escalated tensions on the eve of a visit by the Obama administration's new Middle East envoy, former senator George J. Mitchell (D-Maine), to Israel and the West Bank.

Actually this is a pattern for Hamas. When President Bush sent Gen. Zinni as a peace envoy, every trip was met with exploding Palestinians. President Bush soon recognized that not sending him was more peaceful.

The fact is that Hamas does not want a peace deal of any kind with Israel and will do everything it can to stop it. That is what the explosion on the border was all about. Democrats are probably too arrogant to understand this dynamic. They have conveniently forgotten the Zinni missions, but Hamas is still there to remind them.

The only way there will be peace in this area is after the destruction of Hamas or the state of Israel. We should do what we can to see that it is Hamas that is destroyed.


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