CIA's man in Algeria honey traps himself?


A former CIA station chief in Algeria is under investigation by the State and Justice departments after being accused of raping at least two women while he held the post, a source confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.

The women told investigators that they think date-rape drugs were used in the assaults, which are said to have occurred at the officer's official residence, according to the source.

The story was first reported by ABC News.

The allegations were made in the fall, when the unidentified officer was still serving as station chief. In October, soon after the allegations were made, the man returned to the United States for a previously scheduled trip and was ordered not to return to his post, the source said.


The women, who are Algerian citizens, brought their allegations to a U.S. government official, and federal authorities then launched an investigation.

A search of the station chief's residence in Algeria was approved by a U.S. District Court judge after a request from the Justice Department. The search found pills believed to be of a type commonly used in date rape, the source said.

In that search, authorities also found about a dozen tapes that are thought to show the officer engaged in sexual acts, the source said, including some in which women are believed to be in a semiconscious state. CNN's source had not seen the tapes but had been briefed on their content. Some of the tapes include date stamps indicating that the recordings happened when he would have been serving in Cairo, Egypt, before his tenure in Algeria.


The pills and the tapes appear to corroborate the victim stories. This is just too weird for words. It is hard to imagine anyone getting sexual gratification from an unresponsive partner. A blowup doll would have been safer and about as responsive, not to mention the assault on the women.

Then compounding the stupidity of the crime, a guy records it on video tape? This does not sound like a guy who should be given any job with the CIA. The US needs to wrap up this investigation quickly give some justice to the victims.


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