Obama to keep temp sites for CIA interrorgations

Washington Times:

President Obama's executive order closing CIA "black sites" contains a little-noticed exception that allows the spy agency to continue to operate temporary detention facilities abroad.

The provision illustrates that the president's order to shutter foreign-based prisons, known as black sites, is not airtight and that the Central Intelligence Agency still has options if it wants to hold terrorist suspects for several days at a time.

Current and former U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition that they aren't identified because of the sensitivity of the subject, said such temporary facilities around the world will remain open, giving the administration the opportunity to seize and hold assumed terrorists.

The detentions would be temporary. Suspects either would be brought later to the United States for trial or sent to other countries where they are wanted and can face trial.

The exception is evidence that the new administration, while announcing an end to many elements of the Bush "war on terror," is leaving itself wiggle room to continue some of its predecessor's practices regarding terrorist suspects.


Wiggle room, hunh? So was all that showboating and moral preening just an elaborate PR effort on the part of Obama, or perhaps it is just a continuation of the Democrat art of the politics of fraud. What it seems to boil down to, is that President Bush was just to honest about what he was doing to protect us and Democrats want to be more sneaky.

The real test for the Democrats is whether John Conyers will want to investigate Obama for war crimes for sneakily doing what Conyers said Bush did. That will not happen because Conyers is just trying to criminalize the activities of the oposition party. He is in to the Soviet style show trials of dissidents.


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