Ceasefire violation prompts Israeli counterattack


Israel has carried out an air attack in the Gaza Strip and launched an incursion with tanks and bulldozers across the border.

There are reports of heavy fighting near Khan Younis in southern Gaza, with many people fleeing their homes.

The incursion follows a bomb attack which killed one Israeli soldier and wounded three near the Gaza border.

It is the worst violence since Israel's offensive against Hamas in Gaza ended with both sides declaring ceasefires.

No group has said it carried out Tuesday's bombing on an Israeli patrol near the border crossing of Kissufim.


Palestinian residents of Kissufim said they could hear Israeli helicopters circling overhead and the sound of heavy gunfire.

Medics in Gaza said a Palestinian farmer was killed by gunfire.

Two people were wounded in the subsequent air strike in the town of Khan Younis near Rafah.

Hospital sources say one was a member of Hamas' Popular Resistance Committee who was on a motorbike at the time, and the other was a passer-by.


It seems to be the nature of the Palestinian way of war to use people for attacks that they do not have to take responsibility for. They then whine about group punishment. What the attack proves is that the Palestinians have nothing of value to offer the Israels in return for peace.

Ynet reports that Hamas is closing down its government offices in fear of an Israeli response.


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