Coulter talks about Rush and Obama


At first, it might appear conservative firebrand Ann Coulter is at odds with fellow arch-conservative Rush Limbaugh in the talk show host's verbal sparring with President Obama.

Limbaugh has said he hopes Mr. Obama will fail in his presidency, and Mr. Obama told congressional leaders at the White House Friday, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

After a glib comment by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Limbaugh suggested Mr. Obama is more frightened of Limbaugh than he is of Republican leaders which, Limbaugh added, "doesn't say much about our party."

On The Early Show Thursday, Coulter said she actually hopes the president succeeds -- "but that means he'll govern as a conservative."

You can watch the whole segment at the video in the link above. What was somewhat surprising is that the people interview Coulter actually seem to comprehend what Rush Limbaugh was saying. It really is a pretty interesting interview.


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