Well, excuuuuuse me, Iran

NY Times:

A day after President Obama struck a conciliatory tone toward Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged Washington on Wednesday to apologize for its actions toward his country for the past 60 years and said it was unclear whether the new American administration was merely shifting tactics or wanted real change.

But, in a speech in the western city of Kermanshah, he did not explicitly rebuff the American president’s gesture. “We are waiting patiently,” he said, referring to the policies of the new administration in Washington. “We will listen to the statements closely, we will carefully study their actions and if there are real changes, we will welcome it.”

Mr. Obama, in his first television interview at the White House since taking office, said that it was important to be willing to talk to the Iranians, both to express differences and to explore “where there are potential avenues for progress.”

“And as I said during my inauguration speech, if countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us,” Mr. Obama said in the interview with Al Arabiya television that was broadcast on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also said Tuesday that Iran had a “clear opportunity” to engage with the international community.

Mr. Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that the “slogan of change was good, but it could be of two kinds — a fundamental change or a tactical one,” the official IRNA news agency said. It would soon become clear, IRNA quoted the Iranian leader as saying, whether Mr. Obama’s comments were “just a change in tone.”

“Change means that they should apologize to the Iranian nation and try to make up for their dark background and the crimes they have committed against the Iranian nation,” he said in the speech broadcast live on Iranian television.

The catalog of crimes, Mr. Ahmadinejad said, stretched back 60 years, beginning with American support for the 1953 coup that ousted the democratically elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh and installed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who ruled until he was ousted in the 1979 Islamic revolution.

I think Ahmadinejad is the one who owes the apology. Iran was clearly better off under the Shah than under this group of religious bigots. Iran should also apologize for its criminal acts against our embassy. Then it should apologize for suggesting that negotiations begin with a grovel when it is their attempt to build weapons to use in genocide against Israel that is the problem.

At least Obama and Clinton now know the bad faith they will be dealing with if they do decide to negotiate with these religious bigots.


  1. Barack Obama is trying to be nice to fanatics in the hope they will kill us last

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are preparing to write a nice "make up" letter to Iran. They do not understand that the leaders of Iran are fanatics who want to kill us or forcibly convert us to their brand of Islam.


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