Daschle bigger tax cheat than Treasury Secretary

NY Times:

President Obama’s pick for secretary of health and human services, Tom Daschle, filed amended tax returns and paid more than $100,000 in back taxes on Jan. 2, administration officials said on Friday.

Mr. Daschle concluded that he owed the taxes for free use of a car and driver that had been provided to him by Leo Hindery Jr., the founder of a private equity firm known as InterMedia Advisors, the officials said.

Mr. Daschle was chairman of the firm’s advisory board. In a financial disclosure statement filed this month with the Office of Government Ethics, Mr. Daschle reported that he had received large amounts of income from InterMedia, including more than $2 million for consulting and $182,520 in the form of “company-provided transportation.”

The belated tax payments help explain delays in the confirmation of Mr. Daschle, a former Senate Democratic leader who had been expected to win swift approval from the Senate.

An administration official said that Mr. Daschle had paid $31,462 in back taxes and interest for 2005, $35,546 for 2006 and $34,935 for 2007.

The official said that Mr. Daschle’s failure to pay the taxes was “a stupid mistake,” but should not derail the nomination.

There is something about liberals and their passion for high taxes that they do not pay. It is pretty easy to favor high taxes for everyone else.

In Daschle's case it probably came from a sense of entitlement, since he did not have to pay for the limo service when it was provided to him as a senator. If this was a "stupid mistake" Daschle is clearly not smart enough for a cabinet position.

Jake Tapper
has more on the latest Obama screw up.

This guy also forgot to declare all his income, but the court was not as forgiving. The story does offer some tips on how to report ill gotten income.


  1. Is Tom Daschle a tax cheat?

    Owing a hundred thousand dollars in back taxes seems a bit too much. What is it with these democrats? They don't have any problem raising taxes on the rest of us. When it comes their turn to pay, they are looking for a pass. This really is shameful.

  2. Just how many of the really smart and transparent Cabinet nominees are they going to put in. THEY REALLY SET SOME KIND OF EXAMPLE!!!! WHEN CAN WE BEGIN TO TRUST ANY OF OUR GOVERMENT WITH THESE KIND OF NOMINEES?

  3. Just how many of these nominated cabinet supposedely LEADERS are we going to put in this transparency government? Losing more and more respect for the system.


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