California continues anti energy policies

LA Times:

It was cast as an unprecedented compromise, a deal that would allow a Texas oil company to sink new wells off the Santa Barbara coast in return for an agreement to shut down all four of its offshore platforms within 13 years.

But the State Lands Commission on Thursday killed the deal crafted by Santa Barbara's most vociferous anti-oil groups and Houston-based Plains Exploration and Production, closing the door on a plan that would have been the first approval to drill for oil in state waters since 1969.

Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, one of three members of the lands panel, said allowing any new drilling in state waters would suggest the state welcomes offshore drilling and send a come-hither message to other oil companies. His view was echoed by legislators from coastal districts, including Assemblyman Pedro Nava, who represents Santa Barbara.

Approval would have been "a message heard very, very clearly by those who call for 'drill, baby, drill,' " said Garamendi, a former Interior Department official who is running for governor.

But a parade of local officials, residents and environmental activists insisted the plan would have advanced efforts to protect the coast by eventually closing four of the region's 20 platforms.

What are these guys thinking. Do they think that California will use less oil and gas if they don't allow drilling. Surely they can't be that ignorant. They have the choice of drilling and receiving royalties on the production to offset their huge deficit, or not drilling and importing more expensive oil giving the profits to others.

One of the problems with environmental extremist is they think by restricting the supply of a needed commodity they can stop its use. All they really do is drive up the price and let others profit from their bad policy. By driving up the cost of business in California they are also sending companies and some of their brightest people to Texas. Thanks California.


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