Trump to rescind the Obama-Holder Promise program that allowed Florida school shooter to buy his guns

Paul Sperry:
The Trump administration plans this summer to scrap a controversial Obama-era discipline rule forced on schools to close racial gaps in suspensions and arrests but that critics say pressures educators to turn a blind eye to escalating bad behavior.

The federal directive, issued jointly in 2014 by the US departments of Education and Justice, warned public school districts receiving federal funding — including New York City — that they could face investigation and funding cuts if they fail to reduce statistical “disparities” in discipline by race. On average, the administration noted, black students are suspended at three times the rate of their white peers.

The directive also discourages student arrests and holds districts liable for the actions of “school resource officers … or other law enforcement personnel.”

The one-size-fits-all federal policy, which recommends group counseling sessions and other alternatives to traditional discipline, has been foisted on several hundred school districts serving millions of students through investigations and threats of investigation that have continued into the Trump administration. More than 300 school districts remain under federal scrutiny, including NYC schools.

“The scope of it is breathtaking,” said Max Eden, an education policy expert and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

He says surveys show schools serving predominantly minority students have been hit hardest by the resulting breakdown in discipline, with violence and chaos mushrooming out of control in urban districts.

After Mayor de Blasio adopted the more lenient school-discipline standards in early 2015, including the recommended “restorative justice” counseling, “more schools saw fighting, disrespect, drugs, gang activity,” Eden said.

While NYC school suspensions are down, crime has spiked in the city’s public schools, including major crimes such as robbery and arson, new NYPD data show. The current academic year has seen the first school murder in more than 20 years — a stabbing at a Bronx high school — and the first time a gun was fired inside a school in more than 15 years. What’s more, new state Education Department data reveal there were more rapes and other sex crimes at NYC public schools during the 2017-2018 school year than any year since 2007.

Recent high school shootings have thrust school safety and discipline further into the spotlight. Teachers and parents have pushed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to repeal the rule, while Democrats and civil-rights groups paint efforts to take away the regulation, which they call “a critical tool” for protecting African-American students from discrimination, as racist.
This rule kept the Florida school shooter from being charged for his crimes as a student and thus not having his name entered in the FBI background checklist and therefore was able to buy the gun he used to kill 17 students.  The disparate impact rules coddle blacks who lack discipline.  These people, unfortunately, come from homes where there is a lack of discipline and that leads to their criminal behavior.  That is the problem and ignoring theri crimes will only encourage more criminal activity.


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