Erdogan's Turkey will no longer get the soft treatment

Washington Times:
Mike Pompeo expected to take tough tact as relations with Turkey erode

Former CIA chief seen as more in line with White House, ‘bit less afraid to throw an elbow’
Erdogan is an Islamists despot who has been a lousy ally and whose policies are inconsistent with those of the US in the Middle East.


  1. Erdogan is a worse despot than Saddam Hussein; he is using Militia force's surrogates, Turkish forces to hold areas he has seized; his forces are taking greater losses each battle. Once they become stationary targets, or try to hold what they have seized. It will get interesting fast!

    The Europeans especially Merkel are scared to death of him. He can bring Turkish supporters to the streets of Berlin with only a phone call. He has threatened to flood Europe with millions of refugees.


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