Partisan Silicon Valley companies have a day of reckoning

Washington Post:
Congress wants to drag Google and Twitter into Facebook’s privacy crisis

A panel of Senate lawmakers aims to grill Mark Zuckerberg’s peers next month, the latest indication that the controversy surrounding Facebook’s data privacy practices now threatens to envelope the whole of Silicon Valley.
The blatant double standard of the media on this story is at work again.  Obama used even more data from Facebook and actually bragged about in 2012 and that was fine because he was a Democrat.  I see no reason why the Republicans should not be able to do the same thing.

A much more troubling thing happening in Silicon Valley since the 2016 election is its suppression of conservative points of view.  This censorship of conservatives is wrong and it should stop are these guys should face an anti-trust suit.  They could also be compelled to act as a common carrier under existing laws that would require fairness.


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