Tech company surveys show they are intolerant of even hearing conservative views

PJ Media:
The Lincoln Network survey, taken last December, examined Silicon Valley employees at Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Instacart, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft, PayPal, and Salesforce. Workers from across the ideological spectrum agreed that their offices were "liberal" or "very liberal," and many said they could not "be themselves" at work.

When asked "how would you characterize the ideological and cultural norms in your workplace?" 67 percent of Silicon Valley tech employees went for "liberal" or "very liberal."

More than three-quarters of "very conservative" employees (76 percent) said their workplaces were left of center, as did most "conservative" employees (71 percent). Those who identified as "libertarian" (69 percent) and "moderate" (67 percent) agreed. Even Silicon Valley employees who called themselves "liberal" (75 percent) and "very liberal" (51 percent) admitted their workplace was dominated by a left-wing atmosphere.

One liberal worker lamented that "there are people who are looking for a reason to be offended, and any sort of disagreement would make them wonder if I'm a secret Trump supporter. The idea of 'I agree with you 90%' is not enough." A moderate/libertarian recalled, "In numerous conversations, no one ever took the Republican side. The conversation was always around why Hillary was right."

A conservative put it bluntly: "It's a postmodern secularist Silicon Valley viewpoint. Highly liberal." A moderate agreed, saying, "My workplace is liberal. And atheist/agnostic."

When asked if they could "truly bring their whole selves to work," most right-leaning Silicon Valley employees emphatically said they were "hesitant" to be themselves at the office. A whopping 89 percent of very right-leaning workers and 74 percent of conservative employees agreed with the statement, "I am hesitant of being myself at work." More than two-thirds (69 percent) of libertarians also agreed, as did half of moderates (50 percent).

“Some of my colleagues will openly mock conservatives, assuming that everyone within earshot is liberal. Multiple times I’ve had to sit through cruel mockery of my home state while others nodded and laughed along," one conservative explained. Another recalled, “After the election, the head of a department made multiple insinuations we should fire employees who voted for Trump."

Not even all Silicon Valley liberals found this atmosphere welcoming. More than a third of "liberal" employees (36 percent) said they hesitate to be themselves, and 30 percent of "very liberal" workers agreed.
It clearly demonstrates a hostile environment for conservatives at these companies.  Viewpoint diversity appears to be an anathema.  One executive wanted to fire anyone who voted for Trump.

I think this explains the attempts to suppress conservative voices on Google and Facebook.


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