Dear marchers, we heard you, but think you are wrong. Using a profane child as a spokesman is a mistake

Washington Post:
‘People need to listen to us’: Crowds gather across U.S., world

Protesters from Los Angeles to London marched, held signs and chanted during “sibling marches” of the March for Our Lives rally.
The marchers are coming across as liberal fascists who want to take away people's 2nd Amendment rights.  It does not help their cause that many of the celebrities who backed this scream session are guarded by men with guns, but want to take away the guns of the rest of the people.   Even the crowd was protected by men with guns.

It is also more than ironic that some of the same people who complain about cop shootings want people to rely on the cops when they take away the personal weapons of others.  These are the same cops who utterly failed to protect the students who set off on this march.  It is also absurd to think that passing new laws on gun ownership will deter people who are not deterred by laws against murder.

The Austin bomber is further proof that irrational actors are not deterred by criminal laws.

I find the exploitation of traumatized children disgusting.  Having a child scream expletives thinking that it is persuasive is ridiculous.  Putting a homosexual girl on the stage wearing a jacket with the Cuban flag on it is lunacy.  One of the first things Castro did was round up the homosexuals and take away the people's guns before he started a mass murder campaign.  Why should we pay attention to such ignorance?


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