Liberal cowards are exploiting the students pushing their anti-2nd Amendment agenda

Brandon Morse:
Politics is a dirty business, but there’s a level of filthiness with regard to the Parkland shooting survivors that I’m having trouble getting over.

Like all of you, I’ve been watching the story of the Parkland students unfold before our eyes in the huge media spotlight they now occupy. It’s not the ideal place for teenagers, but the media and the left have made it clear it is theirs. These students – well a certain selected few of them, anyway – are at the forefront of the left’s gun control movement. That was a decision out of our hands.

In watching it, I’ve become increasingly angered by the behavior of David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, and others among the Parkland student activists. In fact, I’m pretty disgusted. And that disgust is only made worse by the fact that this process and media bonanza began before the blood had even been cleaned from the high school where the horror took place.

David Hogg, who has been the most visible of the group, has in particular been an unfit representative for students of tragedy. He plays the part of angry liberal activist well, the part of mourning, sorrowful victim of tragedy much less so.

Hogg brags about hanging up on the President when he reaches out to the students to talk while claiming to support unity and togetherness. The media finds no contradiction.

Hogg offers overtures of loving thy neighbor while he and his fellow activists hurl insults at innocent Americans, many parents and teens themselves, and blame them for the death of his classmates.

He accuses Senators of complicity in murder and mothers of callous disregard for their own children from a nationally televised stage. He ignorantly spreads falsehoods about the law, the Constitution, the function of government, the institutions of society, and the people who are within it, while rapt and worshipful television anchors genuflect and refuse to correct.

Hogg refuses to accept apologies from those who feel they’ve gone too far in their reactions to him and unapologetically strikes at anyone who disagrees with him, including fellow student victims of the same tragedy.

As disgusted as I am with Hogg’s behavior, and that of his fellow students, I can’t fully blame them. Behind their gross actions are the adults who have told them that everything they do is righteous, and that every bit of nastiness they display is done in the name of good, and that the hate they show their opponents is a justifiable fury that will lead others into a better tomorrow.

This is, of course, utter nonsense. Hogg and his peers may have been the centerpiece of an internationally-covered march, but they haven’t changed much in the bigger debate. Multiple polls have shown that American youth actually view guns favorably, and the march was primarily populated with people just under the age of 50.
Hogg comes across as a vulgar insult artist.  It seems to confirm his lack of maturity.  I find him wholly unpersuasive.  He is not someone who can be engaged in a conversation that challenges his views.


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