The threats to Jews and to Israel comes from the left and not Trump

NY Times:

How to Be a Jew in the Age of Trump?

Jonathan Weisman’s “(((Semitism)))” takes American Jews to task for not being vigilant enough about threats to democratic norms.
While there are a few extreme groups out there that hate Jews that are not on the left, they are not part of the GOP or associated with Trump.  Most of the Jew-hatred now is on the left and most of the hostility to Israel in this country and Europe comes from the left.

Democrats are actually reluctant to disassociate themselves from a racist religious bigot like Farrakhan who is a Jew-hater.  In the UK the far left Labor leader is a serious antisemitism problem.  The left is also more tolerant of the antisemitism of Muslims who they hope will vote for Democrats.

Trump, on the other hand, has Jewish grandchildren that he clearly loves like all his other grandchildren.

I am seeing a movement of many Jews to the right these days and I suspect the author of this book and this story are trying to slow it, by suggesting Jews have something to fear from Trump.


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