The 'resistance' is becoming counter productive?

William Jacobson:
At one level, nothing has changed about Trump. He still stirs the pot on Twitter, the staffing changes continue, and the sense of turmoil never seems to leave.

Certainly, #TheResistance against Trump has not changed. If anything, the opposition to Trump has gone from foaming at the mouth to … Exorcist-like goo bursting head spins. And that’s just CNN.

But something has changed in Trump’s favor. Recent polling consistently shows a meaningful uptick in Trump’s job approval.

This RCP chart shows a steady improvement since the end of 2017:
A 42% approval rating may not seem like much, but as CNN notes, that’s not far off where Obama and Reagan were at similar points in their first term....
There is more.

One of the things I find remarkable about these numbers is that they are happening during a time of heightened hysteria about Trump and about the 2nd Amendment, yet Trump seems to be gaining on them.  This looks like a healthy move for the country too since hysteria should not be a winning approach to gaining power.


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