Environmentalists are Putin's useful idiots

Washington Examiner:
At long last, we finally have evidence that someone has been colluding with Russia.

Is it Donald Trump? Carter Page? Paul Manafort?

Nope. It’s radical environmentalists in New England, and their politician friends, who have prevented the construction of pipelines and other infrastructure to deliver natural gas to their region.

OK, we’ll admit that we doubt there is any formal relationship with Russian intelligence that has prompted these careless actors to advance Russia’s international interests. Perhaps they are no more than useful idiots, doing President Vladimir Putin’s bidding without orders or payment.

But thanks to their efforts, New England is now importing liquefied natural gas, commonly known as LNG, from Russia, despite the fact that America leads the world in natural gas production.

If it seems ridiculous, that’s because it is.

Nearly everyone else in the United States is using domestic gas. No one else is importing LNG, for the obvious reason that it’s easier and cheaper for most American utilities to use gas that doesn’t have to be liquefied or shipped from the other side of the world. As the world’s largest producer of natural gas, the U.S. has as much business importing LNG from across the world as Egypt has importing sand from Arizona.
The fracking phobes on the left are the Russian's best friend.  Their keep it the ground policy only helps the Russians otherwise New England would be freezing in the dark.  There is no way that this is an intelligent policy.  What the harsh winter also exposed is that alternative energy does not have the capacity to scale up for extreme weather.


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