Patagonia will be gonia if fracking were curbed as it proposes

Houston Chronicle:
Outdoor gear manufacturer Patagonia has found itself in the cross hairs of the oil industry over its stance opposing President Donald Trump's plan to reduce the size of U.S. wilderness conservation areas.

On Tuesday morning the industry-backed activist group Texans for Natural Gas launched a social media campaign attacking the California-based company for what a spokesman described as its "hypocritical stance on fracking." The campaign includes a meme with a picture of empty shelves with the caption, "Patagonia introduces new petroleum-free product line" and an article listing, "Nine Reasons Why Patagonia Secretly Loves Fracking."

"Patagonia has every right to sell its petroleum-based products for whatever price it wants. But there's nothing principled about opposing fracking when your entire business model depends on fossil fuels," Steve Everly, a spokesman for Texans for Natural Gas, said in an email.

The group, which advocates for increased hydraulic fracturing, is funded by oil and gas companies including EnerVest, EOG Resources, and XTO Energy, a division of Exxon Mobil.

Patagonia made news in December when it sued the U.S. government to block Trump from reducing the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.
The anti-energy left is rife with contradictions and they are the useful idiots of Russia and OPEC with their opposition to domestic energy production.  Patagonia's product line is made with synthetic fabric based created by the petrochemical industry which relies on natural gas from fracking.


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