Clinton campaign was also harvesting Facebook data

Fox News:
Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign may have harvested the Facebook data of millions of people using an app that asked them to pair their Facebook friends list with their smartphone's contacts list – in a bid to reach those people and persuade them to vote for Clinton.

In the midst of the election, the Clinton campaign launched a mobile application called “Hillary 2016” that worked its way around the banned practice of gathering information from users’ friends without their consent.

The Clinton campaign’s use of big data raises concerns amid controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a data-driven company with ties to the Trump campaign that was accused of mining Facebook data and using it to target potential voters.
I am still of the opinion that these attempts to contact voters that might support them was not that big a deal for either candidate.  I have no idea whether any of my communications with Facebook were involved.  While I received email from the Trump campaign, I suspect it was based more on the things I write in this blog, which generates a flow of email from Republican candidates often.

None of it actually impacted my vote for President.  I got enough information from the NY Times and Washington Post on her mishandling of classified material to make a judgment that Hillary Clinton was not someone I would trust as President.  I was already inclined to vote against her anyway because I have a low opinion of Democrat politicians in general and do not like their control freak policies.


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