Democrats can't stop Trump from using defense funds to build a wall?

PJ Media:
"Trump is taking the position that the border wall is a measure for the defense of the United States," Morris explained. "And he's saying that the money that was allocated to the defense budget will now also pay for the border wall. And he's using his authority as commander in chief to declare an emergency on the border, and to say that the national defense requires the wall to be built," the former pollster added.

Morris explained that a proper budget bill is "set in stone" and cannot be changed without congressional approval. However, Congress has had to pass continuing resolutions or supplemental budgets every few months because Democrats have been blocking the Republicans' budgets. He noted that the threat of a government shutdown gives the Democrats leverage in budget negotiations. But the upside for Trump is that, with a supplemental appropriation, continuing resolution, or omnibus spending bill, the president can do what he likes.

"They're obliged by the rules of the Senate under sequester to have a certain amount in non-defense, discretionary spending and a certain amount of defense spending, and you can't fudge within those boundaries. But within those boundaries, you can move the funds all about as you wish," Morris explained.

"That is absolutely incredible," he beamed. "They can't contradict it, they can't override it, the courts will undoubtedly sustain it, and he's gonna get his wall even though the Democrats fought tooth and nail against it and thought they had killed it. But Mr. Trump didn't make a billion dollars without outfoxing people, and boy, he outsmarted them on this one," said Morris with a laugh.
It appears the Democrats have outfoxed themselves in their attempt to keep open borders for illegals.  The Democrats are desperate to keep the borders open because of their shrinking base.  In the states that they currently dominate, people are moving to red states where the taxes are lower and paychecks go further.


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