Media Stormy effort in service of their coup attempt against Trump not working

Rush Limbaugh:
RUSH: Monday night, CNN, Anderson Cooper — the same guy that interviewed Stormy Daniels. This is a portion of Randi Kaye… She’s the correspondent. She went out and did a report, a focus group of Trump supporters reacting to the 60 Minutes Make America Horny Again Tour interview.

RUSH: This is not what they had in mind, obviously, at CNN — and I think they were sort of gobsmacked by it. Remember the world they construct for themselves: Everybody hates Trump. Responsible, reasonable women, they hate Trump — and so they couldn’t find any here. And don’t think they didn’t look hard. I’m just surprised they didn’t hire an actor or make up one of their infobabe reporters to look frumpy and stuff and to pretend to be somebody.
These women nail it.  They know exactly what the media is up to and they are having none of it.  And they are exactly right.  The media knows that to get their coup attempt against Trump they have to peel away enough Trump supporters to get a super majority in the Senate.  that is what the Stormy interviews are really about and they did not work.


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