Marine Corps developing deady new drone called MUX

Fox News:
Armed to the teeth with an array of powerful, destructive weapons, an incredible thinking drone may soon hit the skies to keep Marines safe.

The Marine Corps is aiming to build a revolutionary drone called MUX (Marine Air Ground Task Force Unmanned Aircraft System-Expeditionary).

The MUX will terrify enemies of the United States, and with good reason. The aircraft won't be just big and powerful: it will also be ultra-smart. This could be a heavily armed drone that takes off, flies, avoids obstacles, adapts and lands by itself — all without a human piloting it.

If goals are met, the MUX will be a drone that can truly run vital missions all by itself. Sure, it can be an eye in the sky, but it could carry all the same weapons as the F-35B — a variant of the sophisticated fifth generation stealth fighter jet, the F-35.
The goal is for MUX to fit on a ship with a similar footprint to a UH-1Y Venom helicopter. When it is launched for a mission, it will be able to take off vertically, fly a radius of up to 700 nautical miles and carry 9,500 pounds.

To expand the time in the air, the MUX will be able to be refueled in the air by another aircraft. In the air, it can reach heights of 30,000 feet.

The MUX will not need a formal runway or landing zone to land. This will give the Marine Corps a lot more flexibility. For example, if the MUX has been sent to provide critical resupply of ammunition, food and medical supplies to a hard-to-reach forward operating base with tough ground conditions, the MUX will still be able to land to deliver the supplies.
There is much more.

This is a very nasty and capable weapon system.  It will be a challenge for troops on the gound as well as attacks from the air.


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