A march to punish the innocent

Tucker Carlson:
'March for Our Lives' Backed By the Wealthy, Demands 'You Be Punished for Crimes Others Committed'

"Some of what they are calling for is unconstitutional and irrational - it cannot work, it won't work, and that's why it's not already the law."
The first response to a gun crime by the anti-2nd Amendment left is to punish the innocent and claim they " have blood on their hands" for holding a different point of view.  It is a very unpersuasive argument.


  1. You can add to that Profanity laced rants, liberal use of the F-word, threats to politicians, many on the left are worried that the Parkland students, will eventually do more harm than good (I.e. gun control).

    They are afraid the March for Life protest will motivate 5 million NRA members, their supporters, to vote in November. That is why the talking points of the Students all started we are not calling for you to lose your second amendment rights.


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