Anti-2nd Amendment left is spurring the growth of NRA

Brandon Morse:
The National Rifle Association is an odd kind of organization in that it thrives when it’s put under pressure. Whenever a shooting occurs, the left likes to point a good portion of its collective fingers right at the NRA, causing many gun owners and right-leaning individuals to flock to it.

Sometimes in order to boost the most effective organization that protects our 2A rights with money and support, and sometimes just out of pure spite.

Naturally, the March for Our Lives took aim at the NRA quite a bit. Since the Parkland students were given a podium in focus of every major media outlet’s camera, the NRA has been on the chopping block. This culminated in speeches, chants, and signs that all painted the NRA — not the failed law enforcement, or even the shooter — as the culprit for the Parkland shooting.

So you can guess that for every bit of negative attention given to the NRA, it saw that opposite and equal reaction that Newton’s law mentioned.
NRA spokeswoman Dana Louch is starting a new show on NRA TV to talk about the Kids' Krusade against the NRA.

One of the big mistakes the anti-2nd Amendment left has made is to ignore the proximate cause of the school killing and instead focus on trying to disarm the innocent.  They have no criticism of the failures of law enforcement at every level or the Obama program which kept people like the killer off the background check list.


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