Despite push by the anti-2nd Amendment left they are losing the argument

Guy Benson:
Nearly six-in-ten Americans currently say that owning a gun for self-defense increases one's safety. Heading into the 21st century, a majority of Americans believed the opposite. That's a big swing. And tens of millions of people have put this believe into practice, with nearly half of all US adults reporting that "they have a firearm in [their] household." By the way, this is not a GOP-friendly polling series or individual surveyeither. Less than one-third of Democrats agree with the new American consensus on this issue, placing the country's left political flank far out of step with everyone else. Close to 90 percent of Republicans take the opposite view, as do roughly two-thirds of independents. Meanwhile, it's also important to maintain data-based perspectiveon patterns and potential "solutions" as we engage in emotionally-fraught discussions over controversial policy changes....

One last thing: Remember this report about large corporations that took public stands against the NRA and guns in order to appease the Left losing popularity and alienating many potential customers?...

The story stipulates that reduced gun sales aren't driving Dick's struggles, but perhaps a company's entire bottom line is affected when many of their core customers believe said company is taking sides in the culture wars against them, and therefore decide to take their business elsewhere.
I have seen competitors specifically referring to Dick's stand on guns to bring customers to their own stores which still sell the AR-15.  I also think that kids like David Hogg are a turn off to adults willing to have an adult conversation on the subject.  Emotional insults are just not an effective form of argument and are instead a turn-off.

There is also a large contingent of teens the same age as those at the rally who are engaged in teh shooting sports competition who totally disagree with Hogg and others who have had an emotional response to the tragedy. 


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