A DC district has a number of religious bigots who supports the ethnic hatred of Jews

Washington Post:
His anti-Semitic remarks caused an international uproar. But at home, this D.C. lawmaker’s allies remain loyal.

The response to Council member Trayon White’s comments has been mixed, with some expressing embarrassment and others remaining loyal, including one group planning to rally on his behalf at an Anacostia church.
Why would a predominately black community support racism and bigotry?  For some reason, they probably blame their failures on others rather than looking inward.  It is the Nazi rationale.  Perhaps they are listening to a black racist like Louis Farrakhan who is also a religious bigot. 

They excuse his racism the way some excuse that of Hitler.  There is also a strain that says because blacks were subjected to racism that they can't be racists.  That is certainly not the case.  Just look at South Africa now which is taking the property of white farmers because they are white.


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