UN gives Hezballah details of Israel's planned destruction of terror tunnels

Israel said information about a tunnel that it shared with the United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon was passed on to Hezbollah, which used the knowledge to foil efforts to detect the secret passageway.

Israel gave the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, the peacekeepers assigned to ensure security along the Israel-Lebanese border, “precise information about the location of the tunnel,” Danny Danon, Israel’s UN ambassador, said Wednesday at a Security Council meeting.

“Sources within the Lebanese army informed Hezbollah about the information, which enabled the terrorist organization to conceal the tunnel’s operations and thwart Israel’s defensive actions,” Danon said.
Israel now knows it can't trust the UN with critical information.  The UN, in effect, is harming its own role as a peacekeeping force in the area.  This will likely lead to Israel taking more direct actions against Hezballah.


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