80 percent say illegal immigration is a problem

Paul Bedard:
Most Americans believe that illegal immigration is a problem but are split over what to do about it, according to a new survey.

The latest Economist/YouGov.com poll found that 84 percent believe illegal immigration is a “problem” for the United States.

And of that, 58 percent called it a “somewhat serious” to “very serious problem.” Another 26 percent called it a "minor probem," and only 10 percent said illegal immigration is "not a problem"

Republicans hold an edge as the party most trusted with handling border security, 31 percent to 26 percent for Democrats.
The Democrats have no serious plan for dealing with border security.  They hate the wall because Trump is for it.  Their proposed alternative measures to the extent they have any at all would be ineffective and require much greater manpower on the border than a fence would. 

I get the impression that Democrat politicians are just going through the motions of supporting border security to the extent that they do because they know the public wants it, but Democrats believe they benefit from illegal immigration. 

The illegals tend to congregate in Democrat sanctuary communities and Democrats want them to be counted in the census so they can get a greater number of House seats in Congress.  That is why they fear a census question on citizenship.


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