Israel floods Hezballah terror tunnels with concrete slurry

Legal Insurrection:
As part of the continuing battle to neutralize Hezbollah attack tunnels dug from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces has release a lot of interesting graphics, images and video.
Video of tunnels being blown up is dramatic, but it destroys the evidence of the location of the source of the tunnel on the Lebanese side of the border.
So Israel came up with a solution. It began to pump large volumes of concrete slurry into the tunnels, and then waited to see where it came out on the other side.
Ynet News reports on the results:
The IDF flooded with cement and water the Hezbollah tunnels, which appear to have been dug from residential houses in Lebanese villages, as the Shi’ite terror group scrambles to salvage what’s left of their strategic assets.
The tunnels near the northern city of Metula were deliberately filled with large quantities of water and construction substances such as cement and bentonite, in order to not only eliminate the possibility of them being at least partially saved by Hezbollah, but to also cause flooding and expose the Lebanese villages from which the constructions originate….
After the tunnels were flooded, it became clear that tunnels excavated from the village of Kila—only two kilometres from Metula—had several openings which seemed to have been dug from inside residential homes.
The IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis warned Hezbollah that the IDF could fill the tunnels with substances much more hazardous than cement or water.
“We’ve warned the residents on the Lebanese side of the border that they endanger their lives by allowing for these tunnels to be dug from their homes.”

There is more including video of the flow of the concrete slurry out of the Homes on the Lebanon side of the border.  Israel has made clear that more dangerous substances may be used to block the tunnels.  This was a pretty clever tactical approach to the tunnel threat that made them worthless to Hezballah without engaging in kinetic operations with the terrorists.


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