Republican women approval of Trump at 93 percent

Red States:
According to a Fox News poll (and as covered by The Daily Wire), President Trump is kinda the cat’s meow among a stunning 93% of Republican women. They approve!

But I thought all women hate The Donald?

The Left is surely in a pickle now, because we must #BelieveAllWomen.

The survey — conducted between December 9th and 11th — revealed that more GOP gals like Trump than do their guys. Men only favored Trump at a rate of 85%.
More on the poll — the women who approve of Trump broke down, in part, thusly: 89% approve of the President’s economic moves; 72% believe 2018 has been good for them on a personal level; 71% say the year’s been profitable for the nation.

Even among Democrats, 31% of Barbies believe 2018 was good to them; among Kens, that number jumps to 41%. [Related: here]

As for the Mueller investigation, 64% of Republican women expect the whole circus to come up empty-handed as it concerns criminal or impeachable acts by Trump. 57% of GOP men concur.
This poll is consistent with what I have seen of Republican women on social media.

The mainstream media has its agenda and it is always eager to push stories that make it look like Trump is slipping with voters.  In fact, he is doing better than Obama did at similar times in his administration.


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