The fight against the Schumer-Pelosi open borders agenda

Conservative Review:
Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin set out to define the fight over securing the border with a government shutdown looming. Instead of the “Trump shutdown” narrative, Levin said we should focus on the dangerous “Schumer-Pelosi open border.” Levin emphasized that this is what the border should now be called.

“The Schumer-Pelosi open border is endangering Americans. It’s driving up the cost of public education. It’s driving up the cost of health care. It’s driving up the cost of law enforcement. The Schumer-Pelosi open border is dangerous for America, and so we need to close the Schumer-Pelosi open border,” Levin said.

“And the way you close the Schumer-Pelosi open border is to create physical barriers … to stop foreigners from coming into our country illegally through the Schumer-Pelosi open border. We’re going to put an end to the Schumer-Pelosi open border. That’s the way this needs to be dealt with.”

Levin then stressed the urgency of taking action: “Now, either we want a nation-state, and either we want to secure the border … or we don’t. And it’s now or never, because the Democrats own the House come February, and they’re not going to do a damn thing about the wall or the border.”

“We haven’t been plunged into chaos. The president of the United States is not having a temper tantrum. He’s called their bluff,” Levin said. “And if you look at Schumer and Pelosi right now, their skin is ripping off their faces, like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.'”
If Democrats don't support open borders, let them explain their policies to secure the border and prevent illegal immigration.  So far, I have heard no such plan pass their lips.


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