The downside of withdrawing US forces from Syria

Fox News senior strategic analyst General Jack Keane made it very clear tonight that while he has agreed with many of President Donald Trump‘s foreign policy decisions, he strongly disagrees with his announcement today that the U.S. is withdrawing from Syria.

Keane spoke with Trish Regan on Fox Business Network tonight and bluntly stated, “This I believe is a serious strategic mistake, it’s going to have dire consequences. I think it’s a decision the President will come to regret, to be frank about it.”

“When we prematurely withdraw forces,” he argued, “because we’re frustrated of it or tired of the time it took––Vietnam, Iraq, and now Syria––the consequences are usually unfavorable and quite dire.”

Keane laid out the consequence of this move, saying that “Russia and our adversaries will look at this not as a victory by the United States, they will look at this as weakness.”
You can watch the interview at the link above.  Keane has been accurate in his predictions of events in the war.  This is a high-risk move by the Trump administration with little upside.  ISIS and Iran will both attempt to exploit the US departure.

Mattis opposition to the move to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan is also troubling.


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