The Democrats Russian collusion hoax was designed to provoke 'obstruction of justice'

NY Times:

Trump’s Attorney General Nominee Criticized Russia Investigation

In a memo to top Justice Department officials in June, the nominee, William Barr, objected to the notion that President Trump may have committed the crime of obstruction of justice.
It became obvious pretty quickly that the Russian collusion case was bogus.  Mueller spent millions on it and could discover no such activity and if he had it would not have been a crime.  But right from the beginning the Democrats and the coup plotters in the DOJ and FBI were keen on looking for an excuse to charge Trump with obstruction of justice.  They have been trying to relive Watergate for months to no avail.

What the Democrats had as a secondary policy was a major distraction that they hoped to take advantage of to foil Trump's ability to govern.  That is why they are so desperate to keep this worthless investigation going.

Now that I have written this blog post it looks like I will never be considered for Attorney General.  I feel like a lucky man.  It will take platoons of lawyers to clean out the deep state coup plotters and restore the rule of law at the DOJ.


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