Democrats can't describe what border security measures they would accept, but they reject the ones that will work

Washington Times:
Asked if the Democrats “are not going to agree to any funding to build a new border wall,” Mr. Merkley said, “That’s correct. None.”

He and other Democrats have differentiated between funding other border-security methods such as improved technology as opposed to a barrier, while President Trump has said he will settle for nothing less than a border wall.

“Border security all the way, and in fact again, the president has a lot of money we gave him last year for border security, and he’s not using it,” Mr. Merkley said on ABC’s “This Week.”
“To spend it on a fourth-century strategy rather than on stuff that actually improves border security is just not something we’re going to do,” Mr. Merkley said.
The Democrats are being dishonest about the wall.  They work wherever they have been put in place.  Israel stopped terror attacks with its wall.  When walls were put up in Eastern Eu8rope it stopped the illegal migration from the Middle East.  Where walls have been put up along the US border it has significantly reduced migration.

Notice that Merkley did not describe what "improved technology" they would support.  The thing with using technology to identify migrants attempting to cross illegally into the US is it requires significantly more manpower to capture the migrants once they do cross.

They then would go into a Democrat catch and release phase.  It would be a very expensive and ineffective deterrent.  The wall is actually cheaper and more effective than the technology suggestions of the Democrats.

Democrats actual oppose the wall because it would work to deter illegal migration, and they actually want illegal migration.  They have proved that by their votes against every measure from Kates Law to their support of sanctuary cities.


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