Trump is making promises he can't possible keep

Steve Berman:
George Will’s Prophecy Came True: To Hell With The ‘Boneless Wonders’

Will’s stunning prose in September 2015 is absolutely prophetic in defining both Trump and the GOP.

Donald Trump, whose promises are probably as malleable as his principles, promises to support the Republican nominee. Some of his rivals for the nomination, disoriented by their fear and envy of him, are making the GOP seem like the party of boneless wonders.

mal·lea·ble: (2) (a) capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences

On immigration, Trump talks about building a wall and deporting 12 million illegals, then letting them all back in. And this isn’t amnesty? From “60 Minutes“....
In otherwords his promise on immigration is a very expensive illusory one.


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