Obama learning that you can't end a war by retreating

Washington Times:
Hundreds of additional forces including trainers, advisers and commandos are needed in the fight against the Islamic State, Pentagontop brass has conceded, prompting Department of Defense officials to urge the White House to approve further deployments to Iraq and Syria in the coming weeks.

Defense Department officials told the White House that the U.S.-led effort to destroy the Islamic State requires still more manpower in addition to the roughly 3,700 American troops already in Iraq, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

Citing senior White House and Pentagon sources, The Times said the officials determined hundreds more military experts are needed in the region to take on the terror group, with one suggesting that the number of troops increases to 4,500.

Admission from the Obama administration that more troops are needed followed recent remarks from Defense Department officials who expressed a desire to adjust U.S. operations abroad.
The Pentagon is also asking allies in the "coalition" to contribute more to operations against ISIL.  This is the price the US and its allies are having to pay for Obama's policy of retreat from Iraq.  While Obama and Democrats might like to blame this all on George W. Bush, when you become President you have to play the hand you are dealt and he has not played it well.


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