France plans to support Palestinian terror state

NY Times:

France Plans Mideast Peace Effort, and Recognition of Palestine if It Fails

The announcement was criticized by Israeli officials who said it would encourage the Palestinians not to negotiate seriously.
This will not end well and will likely lead to more bloodshed on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The main reason there has never been a settlement of this dispute is that the Palestinians and their leaders do not want one.  They want a single state solution that excludes the Jews.  They are religious bigots who take joy from the murder of Jews and encourage it with propaganda and support of the killers and their families.   The ones who oppose the killing are powerless to stop it in both the West Bank and Gaza.

The main reason there has never been a solution is that those pushing it have insisted on one-sided concessions by Israel.  They never put any pressure on the Palestinians such as threats to withhold the massive aid that sustains them.  The Palestinians are basically a beggar culture that survives on the charity of others.

Both sides in the conflict see the others are squatters.  What makes the matter worse is the fantasy ideology of the Palestinian Muslims who act like the Israeli culture never existed and if it did they want to end it.  They have turned a building built on an Israeli holy site into an idol in an attempt ti eradicate the Jewish faith.

Even now Hamas is digging more tunnels to be used to attack the Israelis they do not want to share the space with.

The French proposal is a ludicrous attempt to impose a Vichy type arrangement on the Israelis.


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