Some poll numbers that Trump does not talk about--60 % of voters have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Most political and media commentators have at this point installed Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner on the eve of the first actual voting set to begin on Monday in Iowa. But this narrative tends to obscure the fact that Trump is the most unpopular candidate of either party when the entire U.S. population is taken into account -- and that he has a higher unfavorable rating than any nominated candidate from either of the two major parties going back to the 1992 election when we began to track favorability using the current format.

At this point (two-week average through Jan. 27), 33% of Americans view Trump favorably and 60% unfavorably. It's that 60% unfavorable figure that I can focus on here.
The only candidate that comes close to Trump's unfavorable rating since 1992 was Ross Perot who got only 19 percent of the vote.  So why does the establishment see him as more electable than Ted Cruz who has a significantly higher favourable rating outside of Washington.


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