It is getting harder for GOP establishment to ignore the rejection of the voters

NY Times:

As Trump and Cruz Soar, G.O.P. Leaders’ Alarm Grows

The Republican establishment fears that time is running out for a credible alternative to Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz to emerge as the mainstream candidates continue to bash one another.
What Cruz exposes more so than Trump is the hypocrisy of the Washington establishment.  The Cruz agenda would implement nearly everything the GOP in Washington says it is for, and that seems to really scare them.   It would expose the "show vote" fraud that is part of the gamesmanship in Congress.

In reality, Trump is a much bigger danger to Congress and the country with his authoritarian bent.  What they would get from his is someone who would continue to grow government to build stuff.  Trump is likely to be as big a spender as Bernie Sanders.


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