Democrats hope to exploit rogue indictments in Texas

NY Times:

Democrats Hope to Turn Tables on Republicans Over Planned Parenthood Indictments

House Democrats, who have found themselves on the defensive over their support for Planned Parenthood, have called on Republicans to disband a special committee investigating it after two anti-abortion activists who conducted a sting on the organization were indicted in Texas.
I suspect the indictments will have trouble surviving a motion to quash.  The crimes alleged require an intent and all the evidence suggest that those indicted never intending to actually engage in commerce in baby parts but were trying to actually expose the alleged misdeeds of Planned Parenthood.  Even if the indictments survive, they will not change the political dynamics.  Those who oppose abortion will still oppose it and still try to stop what they view as immoral conduct.  If anything, they will probably see the indictments as another injustice sponsored by the abotion industry.


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